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  • About the Songs

    In 2011, Uncle Bonsai released "The Grim Parade," a collection of new songs that featured a number of "failed children's songs." While these songs were originally conceived with only the best of intentions, and to capitalize on the lucrative children's music market, they ended up veering off the path a bit. The Monster in the Closet and Go To Sleep are a continuation of the motif and raises the age-old question, "why should kids get all the really colorful books?" And so, we're proud to present Uncle Bonsai's first "bedtime book for grownups," The Monster in the Closet/Go To Sleep, a fully illustrated, reversible, hard cover book for parents!

    The Monster in the Closet and Go To Sleep were written by Andrew Ratshin and each were inspired by very specific things. The Monster in the Closet is a follow up of sorts, 30 years later, to Don't Put It In Your Mouth, a song that mocked the advice parents give to kids. This time, with the perspective of actually having children, the song is more about the perfectly reasonable, perhaps extreme, things parents say to keep their kids in bed at night.

    Go To Sleep was written for a collection of night songs/lullabies being recorded by classical guitarist Hilary Field and bonsai member Patrice O'Neill. The song was deemed not "international" enough but, in reality, was turned in months after the cd was already recorded . . . Andrew's not always great with deadlines and, regardless of the lovely melody and soothing three-quarter time, this might not be the most "restful" song written about going to bed!

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