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  • About the Artists

    arni liked monsters in old movies when she was growing up. her favorite is dracula in the 1926 version of "nosferatu." that's the scariest movie ever, arni screeched. when she was still one-bite sized, she holed up in her bedroom copying drawings from newspapers. she loved to draw people especially and to this day, still has a hard time with tables and chairs. her cut-outs emerged out of an organic process, mostly because she couldn't make a whole painting, so she cut out the parts she liked. arni hopes to go on to an art career that features fewer hairy and scarey subjects.

    Image 01Patrice likes children and the books they read. She especially likes all the colors in children's books and wishes they would show up in books for adults. She has great admiration for artists who can captivate people with pictures. She figures she's an on-demand kind of artist who enjoys dabbling with things from time to time, but shies away from any notion of actually knowing what she's doing.  She just likes to make stuff.  A long time ago, she had a job painting decorative gourds.  She got to do some artwork for an album cover or two. And she has accumulated a ridiculous amount of  paper, brushes, pens, glues, paints, tools and boxes of this and that which she swears will turn into something someday.  Other than that, nothing she's ever done has found its way into a frame of any kind. But if you want her to make something, give her a call. 

    Andrew can't draw at all . . . so he writes songs.

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